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Rock Climbing

Located only 30 minutes from the city center of Lopburi Khao Chin Lae

rises 240 meters, with over 40 climbing routes spanning all difficulty levels.

Surrounded by rice paddies and sunflower fields “Khao Chin Lae” is a

unique place to climb for both experts and novices.


Shoes 100.-
Harness 200.-
Rope 500.-
Quickdraws (12 draws) 250.-
ATC and Locking Carabiner 150.-
Gri Gri and Locking Carabiner 250.-
Helmet 100.-
Chalk Bag and Chalk 100.-
Sling 50.-
Full Set 1,200.-
(Includes 2 harnesses, 2 shoes, 2 chalk bags, ropequickdraws ATC, and a sling)


NOTICE: At the base of Khao Chin Lae is a Buddhist Temple which

controls and maintains the climbing area. There is no fee required to

climb at Khao Chin Lae but donations to the temple are more than

welcome. Climbers are required to register their climb in the climber’s

log before proceeding up the mountain and are requested to sign out

upon their departures.

Please remember to dress appropriately and remove your shoes when

necessary while passing through the temple ground and do not carry

smelly foods that may distract the monks during their daily fasting.